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Curve Tools

Plugin Commands for Softimage / Topology Operators
Useful for editing CurveLists/Subcurves.
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Plugin Command for Softimage

Dissolves a Model by moving the Model’s children out and deleting the remaining empty Model Null.

– Select a Model,
– Model > Modify > Model > DissolveModel



Plugin Command for Softimage

This Command mimics the 3ds max Symmetry Modifier.
First it creates a Curve Rectangle of the size of the selection BBox, then applies a Slice and a Symmetrize Op to the selected polymeshes and links their Custom Planes to the Rectangle.
The rectangle can now be used to define the symmetry plane.

Since the factory Symmetry Op does not have a convenient option to link it’s symmetry plane to an object (as the Slice Op does), SCOPs are needed on the Symm Op’s Custom Plane’s posx, posy, posz, rotx, roty, rotz parameters.

Note: this does not circumvent the problem in Softimage that you cannot work beneath Topology Operators in the Operator Stack and see the end-result live.

– Select one or more object(s).
– Model > Modify > Poly.Mesh > SliceSymmetrize.


Box Primitive

Plugin Command for Softimage / Generator Operator

Brilliant, isn’t it? 😉
Can you believe it: Softimage still only has a „Cube“ Primitive with just one length parameter.
This command adds an empty Polygon Mesh to the scene and applies the Generator Operator „BoxOp“ with parameters Length, Width, Height.

Get > Primitive > Polygon Mesh > Box


6-Point Align

Plugin Command for Softimage

Align object(s) to another one by defining source and target plane to match.

– Select one or more objects,
– MCP > Transform > SixPointAlign,
– Pick 3 source and 3 target points.


Image Plane

Plugin Command for Softimage

This Command creates a Grid Primitive for each selected Image Source, with the correct proportions, Constant Shader and Texture Support.

– Drag&Drop Images from Windows Explorer into SI Explorer / Clips / Images,
– Select Image(s) in the list,
– Create > Primitive > Polygon Mesh > ImagePlane