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Friends and Flowers

Friends and Flowers music video color grading

We had a lot of fun color grading this music video for our friends, the Konsorten,  for one of their music videos they produced last year for Fury Loves You.  This one was interesting because, having been filmed with relatively low-cost equipment, it was hard to deal with all the noise in some of the  night time shots.

Production: Konsorten (Peter Zirbs et al)

Band: Fury Loves You

Color Grading:  Stefan Kubicek

Sports Experts Preisgaberln

On-Set support and animation for a Sports Experts promotion during the European Football Championships 2012.
Production: Seven Production

Arbeiterkammer 2012

On Set Supervision, Animation, Camera tracking,  and Rendering for the falling concrete cube in this TV spot for the Austrian Chamber of Labour in summer 2012.
Production, Compositing: Seven Production
Grading: Listo

Telering Inderhood

CG set extension (LED video wall) and camera tracking & matching for a Telering TV commercial.
Agency: Blink
Production & Compositing: Seven Production
Final color grading: listo

Saturn Vier Chancen

Product-specific 10-sec. shots for several Saturn TV commercials.
Production: Seven Production

Telering Christmas 2011 campaign

CG package animation for Telering’s 2011 christmas campaign.
Agency: Blink
Production & Compositing: Seven Production

Radlberger Eistee

TV Commercial for Radlberger Ice Tea
Agency: Ewald Jagersberger, io
Sound: Bureau Pawlow

Undercover – Dual Motives

3D Character models and walking animations for Undercover – Dual Motives , a point-and-click adventure game for the NintendoDS handheld console early 2007.
Client:  Sproing Interactive
Publisher: Anaconda