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Margarita Short Film

Santiago worked with Hampa Studios as Animation Director on this beautifully animated short movie and animated several of it’s scenes. When you get the chance to work on a project like this you just can’t say no.

Animation: Santiago López
Production: Hampa Studios
Art Direction:

 Full short movie:

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Topcat – The Movie

Santiago animated several scenes for „Top Cat, The Movie“.

Animation: Santi López
Production: Cartoon Saloon
Customer: Anima studios

Disneys Randy Cunningham – The Ninth Grade Ninja

2D and Flash animation for Disney´s Randy Cunningham – The Ninth Grade Ninja

Animation: Santi López
Production: Boulder Media
Customer: Disney XD

Halo Megablocks

Santiago animated some stop-motion scenes for the fourth episode of the Halo Megablocks mini series.

Animation: Santi López
Production: Potens Plastianimation
Agency: Tritón Media
Director: Pablo Llorens

The full episode on Youtube: